Constructora MECO

Constructora Meco S.A., founded in 1977, is a Costa Rican company with presence in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Company specialized in infrastructure works for both the public and private sectors.

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Constructora Meco is committed to:

  • Build infrastructure works while optimizing budget, quality and lead times.
  • Provide quality aggregate, concrete and asphalt materials while offering excellent customer service at competitive prices.
  • Comply with the stakeholder’s requirements.
  • Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for products and services.

Fully adopt a process approach and risk-based thinking as part of the continuous improvement of our integrated management system.



Constructora Meco is committed to:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of associates, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Comply with all legal requirements and other regulations by the stakeholders applicable to occupational safety and health.
  • Establish controls for occupational safety and health, according to the following priority:
    • Eliminating hazards
    • Substituting with less dangerous materials, processes, operations or equipment.
    • Using engineering controls
    • Using administrative controls
    • Providing adequate personal protective equipment and ensuring its proper use
    • Improve the integrated management system to achieve better performance in occupational safety and health
    • Consult associates and make them part of the decision-making process to establish the elements of the Integrated Management System in terms of occupational safety and health.


Constructora Meco is committed to:

  • Identify, implement and maintain environmental controls required for infrastructure construction, extraction and production of aggregates and production of ready-mix concrete, as required.
  • Comply with all environmental objectives and commitments as defined in the respective environmental policy instruments for environment protection.
  • Carry out continuous improvement in the environmental management system to make effective environmental performance in construction and production activities and processes, in accordance with our work management plans.
  • Promote active participation at all levels of each operation to maintain compliance with environmental commitments by dissemination, provision and implementation of this policy to all