Constructora MECO

Constructora Meco S.A., founded in 1977, is a Costa Rican company with presence in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Company specialized in infrastructure works for both the public and private sectors.

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Constructora MECO

We train Meco’s new generation

At Meco we believe in our people as the main resource for the success of our company. No technical equipment, machinery or process would be possible without employees full of pride and a sense of belonging.

We know that a major part of our work is carried out by drivers, operators, mechanics, and construction managers, who in turn dream of seeing their sons and daughters also join Meco.

As part of this much-needed generational renewal, we work together with the Vargas Matamoros Technical Institute to train 12 young people, children of Meco’s employees and others with limited resources preselected by the Ministry of Labor, so that they develop new technical skills that allow them to integrate to the company in the short term.

They are trained through an agreement between the institute

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, the construction company and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, as part of its Empléate program, which seeks to reduce unemployment in the country’s young population.

“In conjunction with the institute, we developed a suitable curriculum for the company that would allow us to enhance talent for the needs of heavy mechanics. In this way, we hire well-trained collaborators and they guarantee a quality educational process with job opportunities” explained Jerry Aubourg, Meco Machinery Manager.

This pilot plan is carried out continuously throughout the year and the students guarantee their maintenance with funds assigned by the Ministry of Labor for their monthly expenses. The first generation graduated from the Program will finish their studies in June and will obtain a degree in Heavy Mechanics Technician.

Theoretical knowledge is evaluated by the Vargas Matamoros Institute, while the practical component of each student is verified in the Meco Workshops. The sum of the two grades provides a final result that determines the readiness of the student.

“I would like to become a boss”

Thanks to the level of commitment they have shown, 6 of these young people are already working with Meco while they finish their studies. The educational program also tests commitment, respect, responsibility, and other fundamental characteristics in every employee who joins Meco.

Young people describe their experience as an excellent one, and they say it is a privilege to share their work with their parents.

Lester Jiménez is one of the participants in the program who is already hired. He says that he went from knowing nothing about trucks to visualizing himself as a boss very soon. “I have learned a lot; there are things theory teaches you, but with the machinery at hand, you can put them into practice. My father is very proud of what I have advanced and, above all, of knowing that I can grow in Meco and why not, become a boss at some point, ”said this young man whose father has the same name and who works at the Meco site in Calle Blancos.

Randall Espinoza, another of the students about to graduate, also highlights the quality of his professors and his co-workers. “People in Meco like to help you in any way they can. I would like to continue studying and specialize in Electronic Engineering just like my father; he is very happy that I was able to start my studies”, said this 19-year-old young man.

They both agreed on the great opportunity that this pilot program represents, and they invite more young people to study and wear Meco’s jersey with pride.

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